Siren Alarm 30 watts


 Siren Alarm 30 watts – heavy duty ES-200R

Security Sirens are devices designed to emit loud, attention-grabbing sounds to alert people of potential dangers, emergencies, or security threats.
They are commonly used in various settings, including industrial facilities, public buildings, vehicles, and security systems.
Type:30 watts heavy duty Siren
Min.S. P. L.:118dB at 12VDC/1m
Tone: Steady & Warble
Power:30 Watts
Operating Voltage:12 V
Max.Current:1100mA at 12VDC
Material: White ABS Plastic
Weight:1.1 Kg
Remark: Stability

Siren Alarm 30 watts heavy duty

ES-200R 30-watt heavy-duty siren, exterior siren for home security system.
The 30-watt Siren Alarm is a primary deterrent against intrusion threats, whether installed on a semi-detached house or a large warehouse.
It emits a high-volume sound, making it exceptionally loud. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and avoid activating it indoors without proper hearing protection.

30 watt siren, security siren alarm
es200r 30watts power security siren alarm
30 watt siren,Siren Alarm 30 watts heavy duty ES-200R
Siren Alarm 30 watts heavy duty ES-200R

Dual Tone 30 Watt Siren

The alarm siren operates as a combination speaker and siren driver, compatible with a 6-12 V DC power supply.
It features dual-tone functionality, allowing users to select between a warble or steady sound. Furthermore, our alarm siren boasts an exceptionally high volume thanks to its 30-watt power rating.
Dual tone siren – steady and warble (Yelp)
Indoor/outdoor use
High 120dB /1 meter
The security siren is compatible with a wide range of alarm systems.
It is engineered to seamlessly integrate with various security systems, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
The heavy duty siren can be easily connected and synchronized with the alarm control panel or other security system components.

Manufacturer: DSW Industry
Operating voltage: 6 – 14 VDC
Sound output: 120 dB @ 12 VDC
Current draw: 1.1 A @ 12 VDC
Dimensions: 9.25″ x 6.1″ x 8.1″
Colour: White
Material: High-impact plastic
Magnet Size:80*40*12 (8 OZ)
Dimension:120MM *200MM
Operating Temperature:-20~ + 60

SELF-CONTAINED DUAL TONE,30 Watts Security Siren

DSC is the leading manufacturer of dual-tone security alarm sirens, offering a sound level of 120dB and a current rating of 1,100mA.
The DSW Siren, available today, is the most powerful self-contained dual-tone heavy duty siren on the market.
It is suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors. Our security siren is a treasured addition to any compatible security alarm system.

The security siren is compatible with various alarm system configurations, including residential, commercial, and industrial setups. Whether a small-scale home security system or a large-scale enterprise solution, the siren can be integrated to enhance the overall security infrastructure.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 34 × 32 cm


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