LED Emergency light has a long life and very bright light due to the powerful combination – LED light, metalized chrome plate serving as the reflector, and polycarbonate lens ensuring maximum light distribution.

About Emergency Lighting

DSW partners with customers worldwide to provide everything needed for security, alarm, and fire safety, including emergency lighting, exit lights, outdoor sirens, smoke detectors, fire alarm sounders, manual call stations, motion detectors, and security control panels.

Lights History

Since 1998, DSW has provided our customers with the highest quality emergency lights, exit signs, batteries & parts, excellent customer service, and technical support. Our Emergency lightings meet or exceed all commercial, industrial, and government safety code standards with the broadest selection of commercial and industrial life safety products anywhere.

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Lightings’ PCB Soldering

emergency lighting Inspection

LED Emergency lighting with battery must be carefully designed and properly constructed to provide a highly reliable system ready to illuminate the exit path when a power outage or other failure occurs.

Emergency Lighting Inspection

emergency lighting PCB soldering

Emergency lights must provide adequate power to supply light fixtures to maintain minimum lighting requirements in a space, as specified by the code in footcandles (fc) or lux.

Emergency Lighting Assembling

emergency lighting Inspection

The essential requirement is to provide emergency lights in all exit paths, including stairwells, aisles, corridors, ramps, elevators, escalators, and passageways leading to an exit and to the public way.

Emergency Lighting Assembling

emergency lighting assembling

While building codes regarding emergency lighting are also relatively straightforward, proper specification is critical to optimal operations and reliability.

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