Magnetic Sensor


Door Sensor MCS-3102

DSW offers high-quality door contacts, also known as door sensors, designed to integrate seamlessly with various home security and burglar alarm systems.
These essential security components provide a crucial layer of protection by detecting door openings and closings, alerting homeowners to potential security breaches.
Engineered with precision and incorporating advanced technologies, DSW door contacts deliver exceptional reliability, high sensitivity, and accurate detection.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Security: Provides peace of mind with reliable door monitoring.
Seamless Integration: Compatible with various security systems.
Exceptional Performance: Delivers high sensitivity and accurate detection.
Long-lasting Reliability: Engineered for durability and stability.
Simplified Sourcing: Single source for high-quality security components.

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Magnetic Sensor MCS-3102

A magnetic sensor detects the magnitude of magnetism and geomagnetism generated by a magnet or current.
DSW offers an extensive selection of magnetic sensors tailored to specific requirements and operating principles.
These sensors are crucial in various applications, including industrial automation, automotive systems, robotics, consumer electronics, and more.

Reliable, quality products at an affordable price – DSW.

Surface Mounted Magnetic Contact
Magnetic door sensors are commonly used in alarm systems to trigger the opening and closing of doors and windows. They consist of two parts encased in a plastic shell: a magnet and a sensor/switch.


substantial magnetic, long gap
Compact size allows for easy concealment
Quick installation

Parameter Value
Contact Type Closed Loop
Contact Rating Breakdown Voltage: 100V / Max. Switch Current: 0.5A
Opera. Gap 1.25 Inch
Magnet Optional
Lead Wire Spacers, Cover and Screws Included
Housing White, Brown, Grey ABS
Dimensions 65mm x 19.2mm x 5mm
Listings UL, CE, CUL
Remark A: Open or C: Closed & Open

Door sensors are also referred to as entry sensors, contact sensors, or window sensors.
We will explore how door sensors operate by learning how they connect to control panels and program their programming panel step-by-step.
Detailed instructions, code explanations, wiring diagrams, and video tutorials will help you quickly set up and run these contact sensors.

MCS-3012 magnetic sensor

Magnetic Contact Alarm Switches

Wire contacts to an alarm system to alert when doors or windows are opened. Mount the magnet to the door or window and mount the switch to the frame.
The alarm will activate when the opening door or window pulls the appeal away.
SPDT switches connect to an alarm system and another device, such as a motion detector.

Sensors with Configurable Contacts
Most alarm system door and window sensors are hard-wired to open normally (NO). Some contact switches have both NO and Normally Closed (NC) contacts. If your hardware has this option, use the NO contact.

Magnetic Contacts Supplier

DSW specializes in manufacturing various magnetic door sensors, alarm switches, siren alarms, and motion detectors.
The magnetic door sensor switch connects easily with any home alarm system or alarm with a flashlight or sound network output, providing multiple door and window alarm contact applications.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 34 × 32 cm


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