Fixed Temp Heat Detector, Heat Sensor


Heat Detector Sensor HT928

Power source: DC12V~24V
Static current: 30~50uA
Alarm current: ≤40mA
Alarm temperature: 65C
Relay switch: 0.5A Max. 24VDC
Working temperature:- 10°C~55°C
Working humidity: 10%~90%RH non-condensing

Fixed Temp Heat Detector HT928

fire Heat detectors are suitable for protecting your home where smoke detectors may cause false alarms.
Combined with a smoke detector, heat detectors can protect your home from fires.

* Explosionproof function, elegant shell, easy to install.
* Anti-interference, anti-humidity
* Non-pollution, high safety.
* The detector has good stabilization, the false alarm is tiny, and weather changes does not influence it.

Fixed Temp Heat Detector HT928,fire heat detector,heat detection sensor

Fixed Temperature Heat Detector works when the heat exceeds a pre-determined temperature; bi-metal deflects and closes the contact, triggering the fire signal.

Fixed Temperature Heat / Thermal Detectors can respond to:
Fixed temperature limit
The rapid rate of change of the temperature in the protected area
Combination of these types of detection
Typical fixed temperature spot-type detectors contain a bimetallic switch element that closes at a specified temperature limit. The switch is usually composed of two metals, each with a different expansion temperature coefficient.

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What is a heat detector?

A heat detection sensor is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convected thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element. The element’s thermal mass and conductivity regulate the heat flow rate into the component.
Be suitable for industrial and civil buildings with explosive and combustible gas.

Advantages of Fixed Heat detection
Lower cost than smoke detector units
More reliable than smoke detector units
Not affected by dusty or dirty environments
Minimal maintenance

Disadvantages of Fixed Heat detection
Slower to respond than smoke detectors
Will not detect products of combustion
Only suitable for the protection of property

How Do Heat Sensors Work?

Heat detectors detect the temperature of the surrounding area. The sensor will turn on if it detects a temperature higher than usual, which would typically only occur in the case of a fire. This exact temperature varies between different heat detector models. Some heat detectors also detect the rate of temperature rise. The sensor will turn on if temperatures rise at an abnormally fast rate. A heat detector will alert the panel once it is activated. A system fire alarm will be triggered. Depending on the monitoring plan, the system will alert either the central station or the end user.

The user has the option of choosing between wireless and hardwired heat sensors. Users with hardwired systems usually choose hardwired heat sensors. Wireless heat detectors will be the most straightforward option if you have a wireless system. Wireless heat sensors are generally easier to install. No wires are required. The end user must replace their wireless heat sensor batteries every few years. Some users replace the batteries more frequently since these sensors are essential.

WHERE NOT TO INSTALL smoke detector

WARNING: Turn off the loop power before installing the detector.
1. Press and hold the base and turn it counterclockwise, and take down the command.
2. According to the number mark on the base and connection-wire diagram, connect the wire to the corresponding number screw with the gasket.
3. Fix the base on the selected position.
4. Cover the alarm body: make the short line on the base aim at the long line on the alarm body and turn clockwise until the long line on the base aims at the long line on the alarm body.

The product is a new type of photoelectric smoke detector; when it detects smoke twice, it will immediately output a signal and trigger the connected unit to work, which tells you in advance that fire will occur and avoids unwanted loss, taking you safety and convenience.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 26 cm


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