Interior Sirens with CE


Internal Siren EPA-200

The EPA-200 indoor siren is designed for operation in break-in and panic signaling systems, as well as in fire alarm systems.
They aim to alert occupants of potential dangers or emergencies inside the building.
Internal sirens might be used in fire alarms, security breaches, or industrial hazard warnings.
DSW offers a wide range of interior sirens which comply with CE marking standards for the European Economic Area.

Interior Sirens  EPA-200

Founded in 1998,  DSW industry has specialized in manufacturing internal sirens, fire alarms, motion detectors, outdoor sirens, and strobe lights for home emergencies.
Adding exterior motion detectors, automatic lighting, exterior horns, and interior sirens is a first-level defence when sending a clear message to intruders.
Standard fire safety systems will likely incorporate a smoke detector linked to an audible alarm function.

Indoor Sirens  EPA-200 for Europe Market

Feature Specification
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Operating Voltage 6 – 12 VDC
Max. Rated Current
100mA Max. (at 12 VDC)
Min. SPL
108 +/- 2dB (at 1 meter, 12 VDC)
Resonant Frequency
Activated by applying voltage to Red (+) and grounding Black (-)
Tone Nature Siren
Housing ABS / White
Operating Temperature -20°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Not specified
Weight 130g +/- 5g
LED light optional

acoustic signalling: piezo transducer
automatic alarm on power failure
lithium battery back-up power(optional)
tamper protection against:
1) opening
2) removing from the mounting surface

The Indoor Siren integrates both siren functions and strobes into one unit. Two sound levels, 100dB and 90dB, are available for selection. The EPA-200 is designed to be compatible with various security systems, making it a flexible choice for different needs.

interior sirens EPA200


  • Control Signal: Connect the control signal from your fire alarm system or security panel to the positive (+) SA terminal and the negative (-) terminal on the EPA-200 siren. This wire carries the 12V DC voltage that triggers the siren during an emergency.
  • Tamper Circuit: Connect the siren’s TMP terminals to your alarm system’s tamper circuit. This creates a loop that the system monitors. If the siren housing is opened or tampered with (e.g., pulled off the wall), the loop will be broken, triggering a tamper alarm on your main control panel.

Sound Selection:

  • JP1-JP5 Jumpers: The siren likely has small switches or jumpers labelled JP1 to JP5 on a circuit board. These jumpers determine the siren’s sound pattern during an alarm. The manual (which is not provided here) should have a diagram or table explaining how to set these jumpers for the three available sound options.

Important Considerations:

  • Refer to the Manual: This information is likely a snippet from a more extensive installation manual. For complete and safe installation, always consult the official user manual for the specific EPA-200 model you have, as wiring details and jumper configurations might vary slightly.
  • Qualified Personnel: Fire alarm systems and security equipment installation often require skilled personnel to ensure proper functionality and compliance with local regulations.

Additional Information (if available):

If you can find the user manual for the EPA-200 model, it might provide additional details on:

  • Technical Specifications: Power consumption, sound pressure level, operating temperature range, etc.
  • LED Indicator: Some models might have an LED indicator that lights up during an alarm or flashes for specific statuses.
  • Troubleshooting: The manual might offer a troubleshooting guide for common issues.

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Remember: While the general installation process seems straightforward, refer to the official user manual for your specific EPA-200 model for accurate wiring diagrams, jumper settings, and safety precautions.A qualified installation professional is recommended, especially for fire alarm systems.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 34 × 56 × 34 cm


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